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About Us

Our success formula is based on unparalleled relationships with category teams at our retail partners, which stems from experience, effort, and integrity. However, we believe the initial and mandatory steps in fostering these strategic partnerships is a thorough understanding of their business operations. 

To achieve our mission, we have selected a team of associates representing all levels of the fresh grocery and fresh manufacturing trade. Our collective experience covers all facets of the fresh category including logistics, product development, category management, retail operations, marketing, and merchandising. But the common denominator is our dedication to the fresh perishable arena, which gives Pioneer Horizon unique insight into both our retailer and vendor businesses. Our breadth of experience allows us to create strong consulting relationships with our category teams based on an intimate understanding of their challenges and aspirations. Only when we understand their strategic initiatives, operational and budgetary constraints, and financial benchmarks can we adequately develop programs to assist our vendor partners in achieving their goals. 

Our consulting partnerships are built on the following pillars:

  • Sourcing quality products

  • Innovative marketing and merchandising techniques

  • Superior training, service, and store support 

  • Uncompromised integrity

At Pioneer Horizon, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to service all our partners and hold our teams to the highest standards to deliver.


What can we do for you?

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