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Market & Category Expertise

Our sales team has extensive knowledge and experience in the fresh categories and trends in our market area.

Through years of service with our Retail Partners we have developed significant relationships and stellar reputations with the key decision makers at the retail chains we service. 

These characteristics make us uniquely positioned to provide our vendors insights to the strategic goals and initiatives of our retail accounts and clear direction in how best to position their products and programs for success in these accounts. 

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Program Management

Consultation to develop tailored sales presentations and programs to best meet the strategies driving decisions within our retail accounts.

Our Account Managers have complete access to the performance data on all our products and can manage program details to assure optimum sales results.

Development, implementation, execution and evaluation of pricing strategies, promotional plans, feature activity and merchandising practices are just some of the services you can expect while partnering with the Pioneer team.


Customer Service

Our Customer Service Team oversees order processing, transmission, fulfilment, and delivery.

We work directly with Buyers and DC management to track incoming orders, delivery issues and inventory status to assure optimum account service levels. We are able to track, research, and assist in reconciling deliveries, pricing discrepancies and credits.

Call Center Employee

Retail Support

Our Retail Specialist are Fresh industry experts that focus exclusively on the Fresh Departments of the store of the multiple banners we serve.

We provide retail auditing to access merchandising performance, pricing integrity, product quality as well as competitive assortments and retails.

In support of our retailer’s category teams, we provide in- store associate training, POS distribution, program implementation and merchandising execution.

We provide services for product issue detection at store level. This includes retrieving product samples, addressing consumer complaints, handling VORs and executing Cold Chain Audits.  Our Retail Specialists are here to support your requests…go ahead and challenge us!


Strategic Planning

Our Account Management Team works collaboratively with our vendor sales teams to develop long term sales growth initiatives, create goals and metrics, develop new merchandising and marketing concepts and to coordinate our efforts with retailer specific marketing programs.


Our Team also works to develop marketing, merchandising and promotional synergies among our extensive portfolio of successful vendor partners.