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Field Auditing

We utilize a cloud-based platform called GoSpotCheck that connects us directly to our field teams at store level every minute or every day. The platform collects real time information to enhance programs at store level that allows us to continue to optimize first in class merchandising and grow top line sales. The program offers great flexibility with ability to tailor any program to ensure we get the data that we all need to make your products successful.


The program utilizes a mobile app that can be accessed from any smart phone or tablet. This allows our field team to report back any information that is requested, whether it be pictures of items or sets, in stocks, issues at retail, or feedback from the store managers.  It empowers our retail team with an easy solution to give all of us the best chance to succeed.


The best part is it is all managed by a dashboard on the back end. We can see what’s I happening at the retail level with a click of a button. We can utilize it to pull reports, photos, and any other information to report to you and the retailer to ensure your products and programs are where they should be and are being executed properly.

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